Congratulations on childbirth – 10 Tips & Templates

There are many occasions to celebrate, but none is as special as the birth of a baby! After 9 months of emotional rollercoaster riding, hiding behind baby books and thinking about the name of the offspring, the time has finally come: Your friend has finally become mother / father. But how do you best congratulate your loved one who celebrates such an important day? You do not need a big or material gift to express your feelings. Personally designed birth congratulations in the form of a card, combined with an individual photo and warm words, often touch the new parents more deeply and for a longer period of time.

Birth congratulations in the form of a personalized postcard


Glückwünsche Geburt  The newly baked parents are certainly overwhelmed by baby clothes, cuddly toys and standard congratulatory messages via WhatsApp. Sit out with your self-designed congratulations on the birth. But you lack ideas? Then let our following tips and templates inspire you. You don’t have to be a craft lover or scrape out your dried-up brushes. You don’t need anything but your smartphone and the Postando Postcards app and you’re ready to go. Surprisingly, the offspring came earlier and you are still on holiday? Don’t worry, because with Postando you can even send your congratulations on the birth worldwide.

Congratulations with a photo collage

The birth of the little one brings many changes in the life of the new parents. Mark this unique turning point with your congratulations to the birth. With a photo collage, you can combine shared experiences from the past with photos taken during pregnancy. With your congratulations to the birth you create a unique and long-lasting memory of the special time before and during pregnancy.

Congratulations to the birth with a video

The Postando Postcards app even allows you to attach a personal video file to your congratulatory card. In this way, you can convey the congratulations on the birth even more personally and share your joy directly with the freshly baked parents. Perhaps the lucky recipients even respond with a video of the little one.

Recipe ideas baby food

The parents are very busy. Even if you cannot be there to help them personally at the moment, you can support them from a distance with your congratulations to the birth. Find delicious, healthy and simple recipes for homemade baby food and write a simple guide on your self-designed birth congratulations card.

congratulations to the birth as a creative game

Just like with the 52 Postcards Wedding Game, you can send your congratulations on the birth in the form of a game together with mutual friends of the parents. 52 postcards will be filled in by their respective players. Every week, the newly-baked parents arrive at a postcard with supportive words, funny sayings or helpful tips for difficult phases. In this way, you can accompany the parents together in a creative way through the first year of their offspring. The Postando Postcards app can even set the shipping date in advance, guaranteeing the receipt of the weekly card.

Congratulations with a voucher for babysitting

If you live in the immediate vicinity of the newborn baby and its small family, you can also give away a voucher for babysitting with your congratulations to the birth. Choose between different design options and fonts in the Postando Postcards app and create a beautiful unique gift.

Concrete congratulations to the new family

Glückwünsche zur Geburt  To make your congratulations on the birth even more profound, you can also reflect on questions that are important to you and answer them on the back of your card. Here you will find some concrete questions that can serve as inspiration.

  • What do you wish the mother or father for the future of their child?
  • What values do you give the little one on his path through life?
  • What support do you offer the new little family?
  • What does the name of the newborn mean and where does it come from? Write a little anecdote about it.

Self-made congratulations to the birth to the baby

You can also address your congratulations to the birth directly to the newborn baby. For example, you could write the following on the back of your card:

We’ve been waiting for you a long time,

introduced you to us and

imagined endless hours with you.

Welcome to your family.

You can print the front with colorful motifs, such as an animal motif. So your congratulations on the birth are at the same time a great decoration on the wall of the children’s room! Creative and DIY lovers can also be inspired by our craft ideas for greeting cards.

Congratulations to the birth with a little DIY project for the parents

Write the name of the newborn in a special typography on the congratulatory card for the birth. Draw two boxes underneath and urge parents to fill them with a footprint of their new family member.

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