How do I wish a speedy recovery?

The days are getting shorter and shorter, the weather more rainy and colder. Winter is coming soon and with this comes the cold season. The cold winter season and the second corona wave are clearly not the best conditions for our immune system. Being ill is not only annoying, but often extremely exhausting and painful.But how do you manage to encourage the diseased? Especially when you cannot see your friends and relatives in person, it is important to show them that you are thinking of them. We will help you to convey your good recovery in the right tone and show you how you can easily make creative recovery cards.


Why you should wish a speedy recovery

You can not only distract close friends and family, but also work colleagues with your wishes for recovery. This way you can sweeten their rather boring day and at the same time show that they can rely on you even in difficult times.

Especially in the case of a longer period of illness, the patient is happy about every little change. The right words can make a big difference and help to heal an illness in a mental way.


Emotional recovery wishes in the right tone

kreativ Gute Besserung sagen mit Postando Sometimes it is not so easy to find the right formulations for recovery wishes. Perhaps you have only known some of your sick colleagues just a short time, or the professional distance to business partners or supervisors prevents you from using a too confidential words. However, it is not only the relationship to the person who is ill that plays an important role, but also the nature of the illness itself.

If the illness is serious, your wishes for recovery give you the opportunity to express your feelings and to offer your support. It is also important to let a certain optimism resonate in your wishes for recovery. With your wishes for recovery you want to communicate one thing above all, namely the right amount of sympathy and appreciation.

Show him/her that he/she is missing – whether as a good friend with whom you can walk around the house or as a work colleague whose absence shows how valuable his/her participation at work is. All in all, it is essential to always be sensitive and try to put yourself in the patient’s shoes.


Amusing Get well soon wishes

You have a close relationship with the patient and you share the same sense of humour? Then make your favourite person laugh with a funny recovery wish, because laughter is after all the best medicine. Instead of filling your recovery card with standard phrases, you can design it with a funny caricature or a humorous saying.

But for some diseases, funny recovery wishes can be a little inappropriate. They may give the person with the disease the impression that their suffering is underestimated.


Making an individual recovery card

The most important point to keep in mind when writing recovery wishes is, besides an emotional tone, individuality. Even if it may not be easy for you to write a recovery card, remember: Just with the gesture alone you are doing everything right! Combined with a few personal words, you can put a smile back on the face of your favourite person.

If you want to give him/her a very special pleasure, you can also make individual recovery wishes. For example, you can write “Get well soon” on a thick, coloured paper in a great font and put a tea bag, a small bar of chocolate or a funny band-aid for children on top of it.

Instead of swinging the scissors yourself, you can also send a DIY instruction, for example for an origami figure. This is the perfect pastime for the sick person!


Say “Get well soon” with the Postando Postcard App

Gute Besserung Postkarten selbst gestaltenTo avoid getting lost in making a Get well card for days and to avoid that the patient gets well before he/she gets your little attention, we have a great alternative for you. Create a unique recovery card using the Postando Postcards App. With just a few clicks you can combine personal photos with warm words and then send them to your favourite people in form of a real postcard. To bring the recipient back to positive thoughts, you can also attach a video file with encouraging words to your Get well card.

How about a photo collage of great shared memories? Or a mandala motif that the sick person can colour himself/herself? This way you can bring a little colour to his or her dull days and bring him or her back to positive thoughts. There are countless creative possibilities how you can design your recovery wishes with Postando. You’ll find even more tips and ideas under the heading Recovery Cards.

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