Create everlasting memories! With our Postando Postcard App you can easily design and send your own Postcards and create everlasting memories. Customize your individual Postcards with your own pictures and some nice words for the recipient, to put a smile on their faces when they find the postcard in the letterbox. To personalize your Postcards even more, you can attach a real video message, to share your best moments from now on also in moving images.

Wo auch immer Du unterwegs bist und welchen Moment Du gerade teilen möchtest - Du benötigst nur Dein Smartphone um eine individuelle Postando zu erstellen und online zu verschicken. Den weltweiten Versand übernehmen wir für Dich! Als Urlaubsgruß, zum Geburtstag, zu Weihnachten, als Einladungskarte oder einfach so – mit der Postando Postkarten App teilst Du Deine schönsten Momente mit Deinen Liebsten als Postkarte bzw. Grußkarte zu jeder Zeit!
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Jetzt neu auch als Puzzle

Postando Puzzle

Ab sofort kannst Du in unserer App und im Webshop Deine eigenen Fotos als echtes Ravensburger Puzzle selbst gestalten! Wie’s funktioniert? Dein persönliches Motiv hochladen und die Größe für Dein Puzzle wählen. Zur Wahl stehen drei Größen mit 49 Teilen, 500 Teilen oder 1000 Teilen. Zum Schluss die Bestellung abschicken und lospuzzlen!


Unser Versprechen an Dich

Individuelle Karten
With Postando you can customize your personal Postcard with your own photos. No need for standard postcards anymore.
Einfach & zeitsparend
Create your own Postcard in just a few steps: Select your picture, write a message, add a recipient & send.
Weltweiter Versand
Whether to Germany, Thailand or the US – we deliver your Postcard worldwide for only 2,49€ per card.
Integrierte Videofunktion
Share your breathtaking moments also in moving images, by simply adding a video to your Postcard with the use of a QR code.
Keine Registrierung
Bei uns brauchst Du dir keinen extra Account erstellen. Einfach die App runterladen und Postkarten versenden - ohne Anmeldung!
Zusammen mit myclimate setzen wir uns für den Schutz unserer Umwelt ein. Jede Postando wird klimaneutral gedruckt und versendet.

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als effektives Marketinginstrument

Profitieren Sie von einer 100%-igen Öffnungsrate, einer regelmäßigen Conversion Rate von > 4% und erzielen Sie maximale Erfolge in der Neukundengewinnung und Bestandskundenaktivierung.
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PostcardS Occasions

Holiday greetings

The classic! Find the perfect postcard directly with the first handle on holiday, best still at the checkout the stamp and the next letterbox directly in front of the hotel? Probably more of a Wishful thinking!

With Postando, you can share the moments that you overwhelmed, happy or thoughtful. Just send your own photos as real Postcard online, directly from the hotel into the letterbox. Easy? Easy!

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Birthday cards

Personal birthday greetings as a real postcard! The best friend or family member has a birthday, but unfortunately lives too far away to surprise him or her personally? No problem! With our Postando postcard app, you can easily send your photos worldwide as a real birthday greeting, thus providing your loved ones with a personal surprise.

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Anniversary Cards

Another year is over, the next anniversary is coming up and you have to think again how to bring great joy with a little thing! Everything half as wild! Because this time you have the opportunity to create your very individual, personally designed anniversary card Send. This is also perceived by the recipient as a gift.

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How many more do I have to write...? Invitation cards can do quite a lot of work Be. Especially if you want to have it as personal as possible. With us you have the opportunity Send your own individual photos as invitation cards – without any glue and elaborate craft action!

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Greeting card

You just have to think of someone or a situation has you a certain person? You don't always need an event or event around a card to be sent. Just pay attention to the little things in everyday life, take a photo of it and send a greeting card to a loved one. The mere joy of is a small gift.

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Apology cards

Ohje, an argument with your best friend or family member, and now is radio silence? With a lovingly designed apology card and a few Words of reconciliation can certainly be resolved quickly. Who could still be angry with such a loving gesture?

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Valentine's Day Cards

All the Valentine's Day cards you can find in the store (if it's still have any ones), do not show what you really feel and are too Impersonal? Easily send your own photo with our Postcards app from your best moment for two as a real Valentine's Day card.

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Easter greetings

The rabbits on the greeting cards in the store do not match your claims and at all they do not represent what Easter is for you Means! It's always the same.  We remedy the situation: Simply your send your own photos as a real Easter greeting.

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Thank you cards

There are so many occasions to just say thank you: Thank you cards after the wedding, thank your loved ones for are always there for you or send a thank you card to all friends who are helped with the move last week. What are you waiting for? Simply a select the appropriate picture, a few nice words and off the post office.

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Birth cards

Finally, the time has come! After 9 months of waiting and Anticipation has finally given the new family growth the light of day Sees. Such a beautiful event deserves more than just a call or a digital message that will eventually be in all the Goes down. Just put the little newcomer in a pose, photo and send it as a self-designed postcard.

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Mother's Day Greetings

Heart. All love for Mother's Day. Heart. Maybe a few more frills on the edge. This is how most people see Mother's Day cards. But your mom has something more personal Deserves? With our Postcards app, you can easily Send your most beautiful photo as a postcard. A small gesture with great effect!

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Father's Day Cards

As every year, you are back in front of the insoluble problem: What should I give my dad just for Father's Day Give? Fathers are just hard to impress. Therefore, less often is more! With a personal, self-de-self-de-eat designed postcard you will definitely give your father surprise – because they expect such a loving gesture often the least.

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Recovery cards

Over cheering or compassionate words everyone is happy! But especially after a severe surgery,   during a flu, or simply in case of Discomfort adds to such words. And quite especially if they come from a loved one. In Form of a recovery card with a beautiful picture of a common moment, the recovery is no longer in the Ways.

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Your cousin celebrates her graduation, and Can't be there? The best friend has his opened your own shop, and you were sick? Then, you can't send a boring card! With we simply land your own photos as real Postcard in the letterbox. Almost as personal as it is Be.

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The annual Christmas cards are you too bored and all look the same? After all, send a self-shot this year Photo of your Christmas decoration or the family photo with poodle hat on your head, to all your loved ones. For this, you don't even have to go into the pre-Christmas turmoil - it's all possible conveniently from home via Postando postcards App.

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New Year's Cards

Zack - and all of them are New Year's cards sold out! This is how fast you can with his biscuit belly sometimes not at all out of the Armchairs stand up. It is good that these Matter with the Postando Postcards app can be conveniently regulated from the couch - the mobile phone in one and the last Speculative biscuits of the year (promised!) in the other hand.

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