Create everlasting memories! With our Postando Postcard App you can easily design and send your own Postcards and create everlasting memories. Customize your individual Postcards with your own pictures and some nice words for the recipient, to put a smile on their faces when they find the postcard in the letterbox. To personalize your Postcards even more, you can attach a real video message, to share your best moments from now on also in moving images.

Wherever you are, you just need your smartphone to design your personal postcard in a few moments and we will dispatch it for you worldwide. As a holiday greeting, for a birthday, for Christmas, as an invitation card or for any other occasion – with the Postando postcard app, you share your special moments with your loved ones as postcard or greeting card at any time!
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Our promises to you

Custom-Made Cards
With Postando you can customize your personal Postcard with your own photos. No need for standard postcards anymore.
Easy & Time-Saving
Create your own Postcard in just a few steps: Select your picture, write a message, add a recipient & send.
Worldwide Delivery
Whether to Germany, Thailand or the US – we deliver your Postcard worldwide for only 1,99€ per card.
Share your breathtaking moments also in moving images, by simply adding a video to your Postcard with the use of a QR code.
No registration
You do not need to create an extra account with us. Just download the app and send postcards - without registration & without entering your data.
Together with myclimate we are committed to protect our environment. Every Postando is printed and sent climate-neutral. more info

Postcard Marketing
as an effective marketing tool

Profit from a 100% opening rate, a regular conversion rate of > 4% and achieve maximum success in the acquisition of new customers and activation of existing customers.
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Postcard occasions

Holiday greetings

The classic! Finding the perfect postcard on vacation with the first try, the stamp at the cash desk and the closest mailbox directly next to the hotel? More like wishful thinking!

With Postando you can share the exact moments with your loved ones that overwhelmed you, made you happy or made you think. Simply send your own photos as real postcards online, straight from your hotel to your mailbox. Easy like that? Easy like that!

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Birthday cards

Personal birthday greetings as real postcard! It's the birthday of your best friend or a family member, but unfortunately he or she lives too far away for a personal surprise? No problem! With our Postando Postcard app, you can easily send your photos as a real birthday greeting worldwide, giving your loved ones a personal surprise.

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Anniversary cards

Another year has passed, the next anniversary is coming up and you have to think about how you can bring great joy with a little something! No worries! Because this time you will have the possibility to send a very individual, personally designed anniversary card. This will also be perceived by the recipient as a gift.

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Invitation cards

How many do I still have to write…? Invitations can be a lot of work. Especially if you want them to be as personal as possible. With us you have the possibility to send your own, individual photos as invitations - without any glue and complicated handwriting!

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Greeting cards

You're just thinking of someone or a situation reminds you of a specific person? You don't always need an occasion or an event to send a card. Just pay attention to the little things everyday, take a picture of it and send a greeting card to your loved ones. The joy you will bring to the recipient is a small gift already.

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Sorry cards

Oh no, a fight with your best friend or a family member and now there's radio silence? With a lovingly designed apology card and a couple of words about reconciliation, the dispute can certainly be quickly settled. Who could still be mad after such a loving gesture?

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Valentine's Day cards

Do all the Valentine's Day cards that you find in the store (if there are any at all), not say what you feel exactly and are they too impersonal? Simply send your own photo of your most beautiful moment together with our Postcard App as a real Valentine's Day card.

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Easter greetings

The bunnies on the greeting cards in store do not meet your expectations and do not at all represent what Easter means for you! It's always the same. We can help: Simply send your own pictures as a real Easter greeting.

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Thank you cards

There are so many reasons to just say thank you: Thank you cards after the wedding, to thank your loved ones who are always there for you, or to send a thank you card to all friends who helped you move last week. What are you waiting for? Simply choose the right picture, write a few nice words and off you go.

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Baby cards

Finally the time is there! After 9 months of waiting, your new family member has now seen the light of day. Such a wonderful moment deserves more than just a phone call or a digital message, that gets lost in all the other messages. Just let the newcomer pose, take a picture and send it as a self-designed postcard.

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Mother's Day greetings

Heart. Happy Mother's Day. Heart. Maybe a few more scrabbles around the edges. This is what most Mother's Day cards look like. Doesn't your mother deserve something more personal? With our Postcard App you can simply send your most beautiful photo as a postcard. A small gesture with a great effect!

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Father's Day cards

Like every year, you are faced with the unsolvable problem: What should I get my dad for Father's Day? Fathers are simply hard to impress. But less is more! With a personal, self designed postcard, your father will definitely be suprised - because such a loving gesture is often the thing they least expect.

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Get well soon cards

Everyone is always happy with uplifting or compassionate words! But especially after a serious surgery, during a flu, or just when feeling unwell, such words give more strength. And especially when they come from a loved one. In the form of a get well soon card with a beautiful picture of a shared moment, nothing stands in the way of recovery.

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Congratulations cards

Your cousin is celebrating her graduation, but you cannot be there? Your best friend has opened up his own store, but you were sick? Then you don't want to send a boring card as well! With us your own pictures easily end up in the mailbox as a real postcard. Almost as if you were there in person.

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Christmas cards

The annual Christmas cards are too boring for you and all look the same? This year, send a self made photo of your Christmas decorations or your family photo with a bobble hat on your head to all your loved ones. You don't even have to get yourself into the crazy Christmas crowds - all this can be done from the comfort of your own home via the Postando Postcards App.

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New Year's cards

Snap - and all New Year's cards are sold out! You cannot even stand up from your chair that quickly with your belly full of cookies. Luckily, you can solve this problem from the comfort of your couch with the Postando Postcards App - your mobile phone in one hand and the last cookie of the year (promised!) in the other hand.

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