Why direct marketing?

The Postando business portal allows our business partners to create direct marketing campaigns within minutes and send individual print media to a vast number of receivers based on preselected dates. The postcard, for instance, facilitates your messages or promotions by catching your customers’ attention and can be used to reactivate old customers or show them appreciation, as well as to target new customers via the provided GDPR compliant, segmentable address data.

In the time of digitalization and the increasing of information, companies are facing the challenge to effectively transfer their messages and promotions to their customers. Emails get unread or deleted, online banner advertisement placements are ignored and conversion rates of online marketing are constantly decreasing. With a significantly higher opening and response rate compared to email, this type of direct marketing offers an efficient and promising solution in the area of offline marketing.

With the Postando business portal, we offer an innovative marketing tool. Here, we combine the time-efficient, digital implementation of your marketing campaigns with, for instance, the analog and traditional product of a personal and individual postcard.
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Existing customers communication

Whether as a reactivation measure for follow-up purchases or to strengthen the relationship between your customers, the company and the brand - Direct marketing offers the perfect medium for a personal and individual approach to valuable existing customers.

Customers Acquisition

Target new customers with postcard marketing! With the provision of over 40 million segmented address data throughout Europe, we support you in reaching your individual target group efficiently and in compliance with the GDPR and converting them into paying customers.


The most important benefits

Top conversion rate
By using the rare marketing medium of the postcard, you will highlight your Mailings to your customers and achieve top conversion rates compared to other marketing instruments. We would be happy to carry out a pilot with you for validation.
The data transfer can be achieved via API and HTML templates or via a simple Excel and design upload. Your Mailings can be scheduled in advance and is executed automatically based on the predefined date.
Take advantage of our possibilities to personalize your Mailings to the maximum and thus to address your customers in a personal and targeted manner. Regardless of whether you are addressing only a small part of your customers or all of them, our services offer the greatest possible freedom of design.
We focus on your wishes and provide you with segmented address data for your Mailings within Europe, based on your individual target group. Through this offer you benefit from efficient new customer acquisition.
In May 2018, the new GDPR guideline increased the complexity of addressing existing customers and potential new customers. Your Mailings with Postando enable a GDPR-compliant way of reaching out to your customers.
We use 350g chrome sulfate cardboards with one side foiled to provide an optimal and high quality haptic product for your Mailings. Our product achieves special attention in the letter box of your customers.
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Did you know, that...

...according to surveys unaddressed advertising mail is thrown away directly 70% more often than addressed mail?

How it works

Select the Format

Select the format of your Mailings. You can choose between three different postcard sizes that have proven to increase conversion: DIN long, the classic postcard format DIN-A6 or our Maxi format or create a conventional letter in the DIN A4 format.

Select the Format

Design the Front

The next step is to design the front side of your Mailings. Choose a suitable graphic for your campaign and upload it to our portal in just one click. For letters this step is skipped.

Design the Front

Design the Back

Place an individual text on the back of your Mailings with a personal message and additional graphics if required. Then add the recipients via a simple upload of an Excel list or use the segmented address data we provide throughout Europe.

Design the Back

Check Campaign

Check the front and back of your Mailings again. Here you can also already view and check the individual elements (salutation, voucher code, etc.) and address data of your recipients.

Check Campaign

Complete the Order

Check your order and costs, select the shipping date of your Mailings and complete the order, which will immediately be sent to us. We will take care of printing and shipping.

Complete the Order

Price Calculator

Campaign price
770,00 EUR
Price per postcard
0,77 EUR
The displayed prices are a price indication at campaign creation in our Postando B2B Portal and not a binding offer. In addition, you have the option of handing over the graphic design of your Mailings to Postando, as well as using address data sets provided by us. These services are not included in the price calculator. If you are interested in a campaign of more than 100,000 cards or if you have any questions regarding the calculation of your campaign, please contact us personally at [email protected].

Case Study

Scalable Capital x Postando:
Reach relevant target groups for new customer acquisition with postal direct marketing.


Occasions for Marketing & Sales

Communication with existing customers

Your existing customers deserve a little attention all year round. Create a creative campaign via our B2B portal, which we will send worldwide in the form of a postcard. This way you can not only surprise your loyal customers with discount codes, but also reactivate inactive customers.

New customer acquisition

If you want to successfully acquire new customers, you have to stand out from your competitors. With us, you have the opportunity to reach potential new customers in a creative and DSGVO-compliant manner - and without much effort. You create your campaigns uncomplicated online and we send them to your potential new customers in the form of a postcard.

Christmas mailing

Christmas is almost upon us - and with it the thoughts of the Christmas mailing. But how can you express appreciation and gratitude to your employees and loyal customers in a creative yet professional way? Define specific recipient groups and send your Christmas mailing in an uncomplicated way via the Postando Business Portal.

Business New Year wishes

Use the turn of the year to thank your business partners and customers and to let them know your plans for the coming fiscal year. Be surprised by the various design options and functions of our business portal and send your business New Year's wishes as an analogue postcard.

Invitation company party

A successful company party starts with the invitation. With the Postando Business Portal you have the possibility to design your own individual invitation cards. To give you enough time to plan your festivities, we take care of the worldwide dispatch of your invitations to your employees and business partners.

Invitation to the fair

Analogue invitation cards are not only more exclusive, but also offer a wide range of design possibilities. Our B2B portal allows you to create trade fair invitations online and send them in the form of a postcard. Convince your existing customers and potential new customers with a creative invitation and welcome them soon at your booth.
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You are interested in direct marketing and want to acquire new customers or reactivate existing ones? Contact us for more information and a trial access to the Postando Business Portal via the contact form below or mail us directly to [email protected].

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