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The first steps

How to register with Postando?

You can request a test account for the Postando Business Portal via the contact form below or contact [email protected]directly.

How can I reach new customers with my postcard campaign?

We work together with reliable address brokers who have already been used in a large number of successful customer campaigns and who have over 40 million address data within the DACH region & over 100 different segmentation possibilities (age, income, gender, zip code, interests, …). This ensures that we can address exactly your preferred target group and provide you with new customer addresses. If you are interested in this service, please contact us directly.

What can I do if I need graphical support?

Just contact us with your request at [email protected] and we will help you design your postcard campaign.

Who will help me if I have any further questions?

Do you have further questions about the Business Portal or your campaign? Then get in touch with us and write us your request via [email protected]. After registering, you will find a more detailed step-by-step guide on the Business Portal and other useful information for creating your campaign.


The creation of your campaign

How does the recipient data get into the address book?

We provide you with an upload template for the data of your recipients. You can open the .csv file in Excel and insert your data. Afterwards you can save and upload the data as .csv file. You can also select one of your previously created recipient lists.

How can I personalize my campaign?

You have the possibility to insert placeholders, which are then automatically filled out from the data of your recipients, which you have uploaded before. In this way, your mailing can be automatically adapted to the respective recipients.

Which format are the graphics allowed to have?

The format is not important. You can crop your graphics as you wish via the Business Portal.

How much text fits on the back of the postcard ?

This depends on the respective format (A6, Din Lang, Maxi) and the respective formatting. The maximum text length changes depending on the font size and type you use and whether you insert blank lines, for example. While writing your postcard campaign, you can see directly how the text is arranged on the back of the postcard. Depending on the text length, you can choose a suitable font size.

Printing and shipping

How are the postcards printed?

Your campaign is digitally printed in Germany on high-quality paper (350g/sqm) with a one-sided lamination to ensure the best haptic feeling for the recipient.

How long does it take to send the postcards?

Every time after the delivery date you select, the campaign is automatically transferred to production and then sent to Deutsche Post in good time. However, you should plan your campaign well in advance, as shipping via Deutsche Post can take about 2-7 days, depending on the country, quantity and mail purchase volume.


Can postcards be sent from abroad?

In general, you can use Postando anywhere in the world to send postcard campaigns. However, the actual shipping always takes place from Germany. Therefore, the postcard will be sent with a German franking.

The costs

What does the shipping of a postcard within Germany cost?

The standard price for labeling and sending a postcard is 0.99 Euro for an A6 postcard. The postage of 0.60 Euro is already included. For the format Din-Lang or Maxi a minimum surcharge is calculated.
Basically, the more postcard mailings you send out at the same time, the cheaper the unit price!

From 500 cards = 0,77€ per postcard
From 5.000 cards = 0,53€ per postcard
From 50.000 cards = 043€ per postcard

You can calculate the exact price of your planned campaign on the website in the price calculator.

What does it cost to send a postcard abroad?

As soon as postcards are not addressed to German recipients, our system automatically applies international postage. Let us know if you are planning a larger, international campaign (+10k recipients). This way we can help you to choose the right postage and save costs for you.

Are there any monthly fees that will be charged after registration?

Registration in the Business Portal is non-binding and there are no monthly fees.

How is payment made?

At present we offer payment by invoice.