Trend destinations for the golden season

The leaves turn golden, the days become shorter and the first pumpkin soups bubble in the kitchens – autumn is just around the corner. Especially the autumn light gives many places special magic, which you can admire on long walks. Year after year, the colorful leaves also create a breathtaking natural spectacle that gives many places fabulous scenery and is therefore ideal for great photos or a self-made postcard. We will introduce you to some places you should definitely explore during the autumn season.

Chinese Wall, China

One of the most spectacular buildings in Asia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches across China. Along with varied landscapes, alpine mountain slopes and golden autumn forests –  the different sections of the Chinese Wall lead into the depths of the country. For around 21,000 kilometers you can follow the various parts of the Chinese Wall and admire the probably most impressive defensive instrument of antiquity, which is particularly beautiful in the autumn season, framed by the colorful deciduous trees.

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

In the United States, autumn is a very special time of the year, packed with a lot of events like Halloween, Thanksgiving and other American traditions. Especially in Virginia, the golden season with its beautiful colors can be experienced first hand. Richmond, the state’s capital at the James River, does not only convince because of its rich source of highlights but also offers wonderful attractions in the warm colors of autumn. This variety of quite nice places makes it difficult to choose a motive for a self-made postcard. We particularly recommend the community of Woodlake in the south of Richmond, which offers its guests an incomparable spectacle of a great color palette every autumn.

Eltz Castle, Germany

Embedded in a nature reserve of the Eltzer forest lies the magical Eltz Castle, which has been in the hands of a single family for over eight centuries. The castle rises on a  magical rock, surrounded by fantastic hiking trails and diverse forest landscapes. Especially in autumn, the castle glows in the light of the colorful forest. We recommend you to hike along the fantastic path “Eltzer Burgpanorama”. On the five-hour trail, which stretches over 12 kilometers, the castle can be admired intensively. The path is lined by the southern heights of the “Maifeld!, an incomparable view of the Moselle plateau, the refreshing “Elzbach” and the unique Eltz Castle, which presents a perfect motive for a self-made postcard.

Glaurus, Switzerland

Glaurus, a local recreation area with urban influence, is the smallest canton in Switzerland, where German is the main spoken language. The capital of the canton is also called Glaurus and is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges. While steep mountains line each other, flat alpine pastures adjoin the surroundings. The different altitudes are responsible for mild autumn temperatures, which are perfect for exploring the autumn landscape. Our recommendation: a tour of the “Klöntalersee”. This natural lake reflects the panorama of the mountain landscape on its smooth surface, which, surrounded by the autumn trees, provides an unforgettable postcard motive, that you can send directly online via our postcard app.

Long Island, New York, USA

Long Island, the small island close to New York, is a very special attraction in autumn. The island is not only used as a recreation area from New York’s turmoil but also to visit the Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve or the Connetquot River State Park, which glows in all shades of orange in autumn. The many farms around offer pumpkin and apple harvest, which is a highlight for many families. Postandos recommendation: You can easily explore the area with a rental car. Route 25A, with a stop in Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington, is a must-see. The great autumnal impressions are perfect for sending a self-made postcard to share your experiences with those who stayed at home.


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