The 5 most magic Old Towns of Europe

A special attraction in many European destinations are the old towns. You can admire a variety of architectural styles, artistic architecture and the traces of many traditions and cultures that have long passed. In the following, we show you five old towns you should visit on your next journey through Europe.

Bruges, Belgium

The Belgian city of Bruges lets you feel astonished and amazed. Not only the feeling of traveling back in time but also the lovely scenery of the little houses that line up along the canal invites you to stroll through the city. The turbulent marketplace full of delicious food stands offers a variety of culinary possibilities. When the evening arises, the city dips in the sea of lights of the small bars and restaurants reflected in the canal. You can taste Belgian beer or end the evening with a glass of wine and think about your experiences. If you’d like to share your beautiful trip with your friends, just send them a self-designed postcard as a holiday greeting via the Postando App.

                                                                                                                                                                Kotor, Montenegro

On the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, rises the port city of Kotor. Together with the bay of Risan, Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The interplay of sea, mountains, and landscape offer an incomparable sight. In addition to this natural wonder, you can also discover the beautiful medieval old town of Kotor, which is characterized by winding alleys and the imposing St. Tryhon Cathedral, that was built before 1166. After a little hike, you can enjoy the view of the city from the national park Lovćen. Your loved ones will be very happy to receive a photo of the view in the form of a self-made postcard.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

The old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber attracts over 2 million visitors every year. The half-timbered town in central Franconia is a well-attended attraction due to its fantastic old town. Especially the Renaissance town hall, the Galgengasse, and the Röderbrunnen are impressive sights you should not miss. Due to the rustic, original atmosphere of the old town of Rothenburg, you will feel like you just entered the Middle Ages. The architecture of the houses reminds the viewer of a collection of small gingerbread houses surrounded by Christmas markets. Especially during the Christmas season, they are particularly beautiful to look at. A visit to the Christmas Museum and a hot wine complete your visit to Rothenburg’s beautiful old town. If you spend your holidays in the old town, the Postando Postcard App makes it easy to send your own personalized Christmas greetings.

                                                                                                                                                                 Riga, Latvia

The historic old town of Riga contrasts with the modern skyscraper district of the Latvian capital. The old town, which you can only reach by walking, offers a wealth of historic treasures, such as Livu Square and the historic Town Hall. The pastel-colored buildings of the old town create a beautiful cityscape and an excellent postcard motif. At the riverbank of the Daugava, there are numerous cafés, bars, and restaurants that invite you to stay awhile. From May to August there are many festivals and celebrations in Riga, which guarantee great experiences.

Bergen, Norway

As the second-largest city in Norway, Bergen has a lot to offer. Despite its size, Bergen has the charm of a small town, which is happy to welcome many tourists. The Scandinavian flair is characterized by many cultural sites such as museums, galleries and the varied music scene. Furthermore, the old town of Bergen is beautiful to look at due to its many colorful wooden houses and reminds of a collection of small doll’s houses. The UNESCO World Heritage Site can also be admired from above, from a viewpoint which you can reach by cable car. From here you can take a great photo for those who stayed at home, which you can send online as an electronic postcard via the Postando App.

These five interesting old towns are perfect for taking photos and sharing them with friends and family with Postando. Create a self-made postcard and share your experiences with your loved ones even more intensively by adding a real video message to your postcard.



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