How the Postcard Revolutionizes Offline Marketing

In the age of digitalization and in order to meet the requirements of the target groups, offline marketing, among other things, must also continue to develop. Companies need to be more innovative and think ahead to take offline marketing activities to a new level. Marketing with postcards is considered to be particularly successful in this context, as the postcard is on the one hand perceived as something positive by the recipient and on the other hand it impresses with an opening rate of 100%.

In this article, we will show why such a small medium as the postcard has such a revolutionary effect on the offline channel in marketing.


Offline marketing in the digital flood

Many marketers also use the start of the new year as a new start or opportunity to test new ways and unusual ideas regarding the positioning and visibility of companies.

In the course of increasing digitalization and the flooding of information by online marketing campaigns, a little “digital detox” is good for everyone. Studies and scientists agree: we spend too much time on our smartphones these days. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, offline marketing is currently doing a big impact. For offline marketing activities, it is important that the format of the medium and the environment in which the target group is located are consistent when a campaign affects them off-screen.


Cross channel communication in the customer approach

Coordinated communication of online and offline channels in marketing can work very well. Even if you advertise a service on the Internet, for example, you don’t have to rely exclusively on online channels such as Google or e-mail campaigns for marketing, but should also draw attention to the offline channels. Especially the mix of targeted customer approach in both online and offline channels, and thus, the interlocking of the different channels is crucial. This is how seamless customer communication can be guaranteed, with the customer being picked up at the right place and thus, experiencing a consistent experience across all channels.


Image carrier: the postcard 

Print articles such as flyers or brochures are not uncommon in offline marketing, but they do not embody the positive image of the postcard. Marketing automation systems such as the Postando Business Portal make it easy to implement postcard marketing campaigns. Printing, mailing and distribution management can be fully automated. Whether for reactivating existing customers or acquiring new customers – due to its innovative and multi-faceted character, Postcard Marketing from Postando is perfectly suited for communication with customers.

In addition, thousands of contacts can be reached in high quality through postcards. One of the most important factors of new and existing customer communication is the individual, personal approach. With the help of text modules within the Postando Business Portal, which makes it possible to address the customer personally, this factor can be easily integrated and implemented.

The added value offered by the company on the postcard, as for example a discount code, a loyalty bonus or an invitation to an event, perfectly rounds off the postcard medium in an offline marketing context.


With these features, the postcard is an important element in the marketing mix for 2020 and should not be missing in strategic cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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