How companies can reach their target group GDPR compliant

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which now has been in force for over two years, has caused some companies to reorganize. There are now new restrictions for companies in the B2B and B2C sectors regarding the processing of personal data. This is only permitted if there is a verifiable, explicit, voluntary and in particular purpose-related consent of the persons concerned. The entry into force of the GDPR has thus resulted in immense restrictions on direct marketing campaigns by e-mail. Only if an explicit and renewed agreement takes place on the side of the existing customers, companies are allowed to get in contact with them. In order to continue to reach target groups within a legally compliant framework, companies must look for alternatives. And so a well-known customer relationship management channel comes back into focus: advertising by mail.


What are the advantages of advertising by mail?

As postal direct marketing measures, for example in the form of flyers, letters or postcards, can be based on legitimate company interests, they do not require explicit consent. As a result, direct marketing by mail to existing customers and to new customers will continue to be possible even after the GDPR comes into force. Accordingly, you as an entrepreneur can maximize your reach with postcard marketing and theoretically contact all your existing customers, as long as they do not contradict direct contact by opt out.  It is also still possible to contact existing customers on their recommendation. Under the GDPR, companies may continue to contact interested parties who have been recommended by existing customers. 

Absolute range and automatic dispatch

In addition to the absolute reach made possible by advertising by mail, postal advertising messages offer a maximum of creative freedom. Sending an advertising message by postcard is an ideal way for a company to differentiate from competitors.

Postkarte Rückseite auf Schreibtisch die DSGVO konform ist / Postcard that is GDPR compliantThe different design possibilities of image and typography bring a clear additional benefit. The message stands out from numerous other advertising flyers and at the same time it manages to touch the recipient emotionally. Because by associating your promotional postcard with a card traditionally sent from a holiday , it is perceived as a gift. 
A further advantage is that advertising campaigns can be delivered by post just as automatically as via online channels. At Postando, we enable you to define specific groups of recipients within the framework of so-called trigger campaigns and to reach them at a specific time. This possibility of automation has an enormous added value for the channel and can be used lucratively for a variety of applications, such as postal reactivation of customers, welcome messages or second-order pushes. 

High Conversion Rate

The conversion rate proves that postal mailings are way ahead of e-mails. The number of recipients of postal advertising messages driven to a campaign, namely 4.5 percent, is significantly higher than that of e-mail recipients. Their average value is between 0.1 and 0.3 percent. The superiority of postal mailings can be attributed primarily to the fact that fewer mass mailings are sent out in contrast to e-mail marketing campaigns. Messages by mail are rather customer- or person-specific and therefore more personal. Furthermore, numerous studies indicate that the entry into force of the GDPR has resulted in an average loss of reach of over 55 percent in e-mail marketing. On the other hand, the postcard, as an appealing and personal mediator, is the ideal marketing tool to continue to attract 100 percent of existing customers.


Our B2B Portal


Computerbildschirm mit Postkarte die DSGVO konform ist / Postcard that is GDPR compliant

The GDPR not only causes hurdles that companies have to overcome, but also new opportunities. Companies are now required to focus more on actual interested parties and potential buyers. These important customer relationships can be established and maintained through postal advertising messages in a high-quality, personalized way.

To implement postcard marketing campaigns easily and efficiently, we created the B2B portal. The campaigns via the portal are GDPR compliant, which means that all data of partners within the European Union are processed and can be deleted via automatic deletion concepts after a previously defined number of days after transmission. In addition, we have standard data protection contracts with all partners in accordance with the GDPR. With regard to the acquisition of new customers, the possibility exists to make segmented address data available throughout Europe in accordance with the GDPR.

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