DIY ideas for you individual postcard from your summer holidays

The digital age enables us to network and communicate globally within seconds. Our rash, incomplete and quickly typed sentences fly from one end of the planet to the other, and all this without requiring much time or effort. At the same time, this feature makes our messages very impersonal and short-lived. The ever-increasing digitalisation gives us the incentive to revive the handwritten tradition of writing postcards. To this end we have put together some fantastic do-it-yourself ideas for your self-made postcard from the summer holidays. It’s time to dig out the paint box, get the pencils sharpened and send your self-designed summer postcards out into the world. To the craft table, ready, go!

Integrate nature on your postcard


DIY Postkarte mit gepressten Blumen und BlätternEven if many summer plans were spontaneously thwarted this year, there are some alternatives worth seeing: a summer holiday in the DACH region. Whether you are hiking in Austria, immersing yourself in the Swiss mountain lake landscape or relaxing on the island of Rügen, let the ones at home participate in your summer highlights. Bring nature to their home with your self-designed postcard by sticking self-picked and pressed flowers on the front of your card. With this DIY idea, you can easily and creatively share your walk through nature with your loved ones. You can expand your flower collage by writing the name of the place where the flowers were found, the date and the name of the plant in a nice typography on it. Instead of a classic paper postcard you can also send a cork postcard. This unexpected material will not only convince your lucky recipient on the level of haptics, but above all it will awaken associations in him. The wood-like grain shows the origin of the material: a tree. Besides cork paper, cork material and self-adhesive cork foil are ideal for your summery and natural-looking postcard.

Upcycling – an environmentally friendly DIY postcard

nachhaltige DIY Postkarten mit Pflanzen

Another creative DIY idea, which can even score points in sustainability, is up-cycling and combining existing materials. Instead of buying a new premade postcard, you create your own unique piece. Make a collage of your hotel brochure, current weather icons that you cut out of the daily newspaper and a map on which you mark your current location. You don’t have to be on holiday to send a creative postcard from your summer holidays. Sending a creative holiday greeting from home even has some advantages: You have a lot more materials that you can combine creatively. Pick up old magazines, calendars or books and create your own personal collage. You even have a stack of old comic books in your basement? Then go for the scissors! No one expects to be surprised by a funny or exciting comic scene when opening their mailbox. If you have less time, but still want to send an environmentally friendly postcard, you can send it with Postando. Together with myclimate, we are committed to protecting our environment and send your postcard climate neutrally.

Paint your personal DIY postcard


selbstbemalte DIY Postkarte mit Blumen und Macarons

Our next DIY idea is an unfortunately often forgotten classic: painting your individual postcard. Either you draw freehand or you download stencils or templates from the internet. If you lack ideas, you can just start painting blindly. Just grab a ruler and compass – or alternatively the travellers among you can use the round sunscreen cover and a book cover – and draw different geometric lines and circles. These can overlap, form a mandala, be colorfully painted or simply be black and white – there are no limits to your imagination! You can also simply paint a small summery symbol from just one simple line, such as an ice cream in a waffle, a sunflower or a shell. If you frame your minimalist picture with a passe-partout, it will look much more professional. 

Funny DIY postcard ideas

lustige DIY Postkarte

Laughter unites and makes you happy. Infect your loved ones with your good summer mood and make them laugh with your self-designed postcard. Use the letters of your holiday destination to describe it with typical characteristics. e.g. BERLIN – beautiful street art, every night party, reckless drivers, loose living, it’s always busy, next summer again! How about a message on the message? This DIY idea may sound confusing at first, but it’s quite simple: Integrate a private message on your summer postcard, which will only appear when the recipient himself becomes active. For example, you can put a small picture over your personal message so that the recipient has to remove it first to get your holiday greeting. Or you can make a small envelope and stick it on the card. In it you can send a small shell, a little sand or some very personal words.

 A very special DIY idea: embroideries on your postcard

To give your postcard from the summer holidays a certain extra, you can also decorate it with embroidery. First cut out a DIN-A6 postcard from a piece of cardboard and design the front according to your taste. Why not simply use a summer photo of you and your loved ones? Then you only need a sewing needle and embroidery thread in addition to scissors. Thanks to a basic embroidery technique, you can wrap your postcard with a cute border that smoothes out the edges and creates a clean result. You can find more detailed instructions for this additional tactile dimension of your individual postcard here.

The Postando postcard with photo and video function

But you can also take advantage of the benefits of digitization in your favor and still send a traditional postcard at the same time. Download the Postando Postcards app, select your favourite photos of the summer with just a few clicks and then lean back in your deckchair. We’ll take care of the printing and worldwide shipping so that you can enjoy your summer holidays to the fullest. Another highlight is the possibility to send real video messages with your Postando postcard. This way you can share your summer highlights with your friends and family in a lifelike way. 

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