Offline Marketing – Top Tips

Despite the high importance that online marketing has gained in the past few years, you as an entrepreneur should not neglect offline marketing. In our blog post, we have summarized the ways in which marketing outside of the Internet offers meaningful opportunities and which offline marketing strategies you can use to increase your reach.

What is important in offline marketing?


offline marketing postkarte mit rabatt code  In offline marketing, it is essential to focus on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, consider offline marketing in your marketing plan and plan for an appropriate advertising budget. After all, those who save on the material in their print advertising take the risk that a large part of these advertising campaigns will end up in the garbage without any effect. In addition, there is a negative image transfer of the cheap advertising product to the company and to the advertised product. Focus therefore on a well-thought-out and high-quality advertising medium, which is selectively and with an accurate target group focus. An individualised approach is of enormous importance. As soon as the recipient develops a feeling of appreciation and feels individually addressed, the attention increases and the message of your offline advertising is imprinted for a long time.

It also makes sense to place your offline advertising where your target group is. Products that are intended to appeal to students, for example, are ideally installed in universities, libraries of student bars. Be brave and create your own advertising medium. Their courage and a creative idea will definitely pay off. Especially with a tight budget, an advertising campaign can score points with an attention-grabbing implementation.

Create an important added value with your offline marketing campaign. For example, you can provide your customers with benefits such as discounts and offers that you don’t provide on your online channels. This allows you to determine the conversion rate and thus the success of your offline marketing. Overall, however, it is not just about the mere sale of your products, but about the persuasiveness and enthusiasm that can emanate from your individual advertising medium.

Concrete ideas for offline marketing


Offline marketing is also of great importance for mostly digital companies. Not all Internet users are on websites that are suitable for suitable online advertising. It is only through offline marketing campaigns that other population groups, and thus target groups, can be included. In addition to classic print campaigns and discount coupons, promotional days are also a great way to attract new customers and strengthen the bond with existing customers. Such events not only have a strong magnetic effect, but also provide an ideal occasion to report on it in the press and thus get additional attention. How about a co-make day for children or a look behind the scenes of your company?

Increase your reach by becoming active at trade fairs. Whether it is a large international trade fair or just a regional exhibition , a small stand can have a great impact. If the budget and the time are not enough, you can also simply participate as a trade fair visitor. Instead of just distributing classic giveaways, you can initiate a sponsorship campaign. Sponsor, for example, the local primary school and give first-graders a beautiful self-designed carrying bag with your logo filled with the most important school utensils on their first day of school. In this way, you not only bring joy to the little ones, but also have an occasion for a press release and generate positive word-of-mouth propaganda.

The perfect mix makes it – the marketing mix

In cross-channel marketing, your target group receives messages in the interplay of different channels. The advantages of the different channels are used and the message is matched to the respective medium. In a marketing mix, the two channels promote each other and maximize the conversions. Ads that have a QR code often have a stronger resonance than ads or flyers without. This may be due to the curiosity of recipients who want to unpack the digital code gift immediately. Via our B2B portal you can create your personal offline marketing postcard campaign and supplement it with a QR code. Thus, the receivers do not have to type URLs, but land within seconds on a landing page created especially for them by a simple scan. At the same time, this marketing mix uses the advantage of the feel of print advertising. Printed discount vouchers are physically tangible and are kept for longer than digital vouchers. In contrast to advertising mails, which often end up unread in the trash or are filtered as spam beforehand, your individually designed postcard has a decisive advantage: every recipient will take a quick look at it.

Even in the digital age, entrepreneurs should not pursue one-sided offline or online strategies. The key to success usually lies in the combination of these two approaches. As a company, you should regularly seek new ways to inspire your customers – online and offline.

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