Marketing promotions for holidays

You are thinking about marketing campaigns for holidays, but you don’t know which strategy is the most sensible to increase the reach of your company? Whether offline marketing for holidays or special campaign days, besides various marketing campaign ideas you will find helpful tips in the following blog text, which will also help you to find the right time to implement your campaign.

Offline marketing during the Christmas season

Marketingaktionen zu FeiertagenIn the run-up to Christmas, many companies are struggling to attract the attention of potential customers. To win over consumers and stand out from competing companies, you need to come up with creative marketing campaigns. Stand out with your content and send gift cards or a discount coupon with your Christmas marketing campaign.

Spread a Christmas spirit while generating more revenue by surprising your existing and new customers with an offline marketing campaign. With our Postando Business Portal, you can easily design your print advertising with a festive design and combine it with vouchers via QR code.

The online designed Christmas cards can then be sent worldwide as real postcard – even at the last minute.

Marketing campaigns on curious occasions

Most companies focus on Christmas and Easter in holiday marketing campaigns, mainly because customers make gifts to these events, making them more of a potential buyer. But the potential also lies in small and curious occasions. Be inspired by the marketing activities of competing companies, or choose the events of interest for you in the calendar for curious holidays. It makes sense to decide on a realistic number of events and plan them already roughly a few months in advance.

How about 30 July, on The Day of Friendship, to report to a creative postcard campaign on our B2B portal and make friends happy? Maybe with a suitable quote or with attractive discount codes. For example, anyone who consumes your company’s products or services that day will receive a little attention. Or an offline marketing campaign in the form of print advertising on September 26 – the day of the love letter? The list of curious holidays is so multifaceted that every company finds a suitable occasion for their service or products.

Marketing campaigns during holidays of other religions or nations

Look outside the box in your marketing campaigns during holidays and don’t just think of German holidays. Many foreign traditions also play an important role for many people in this country. For example, you can take into account the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the Islamic sacrificial feast or the Chinese New Year in your marketing campaigns. This will increase your chances of attracting the attention of your international customers.

Marketing activities during the different seasons

Marketingaktionen zu FeiertagenNothing affects people as much as our seasons and the weather. Since the mood, the interests and therefore also the activities differ extremely in winter and summer, it is important to take the weather and the seasons into account in the marketing planning.

Especially online stores suffer from the warm summer months. Instead of dealing with online shopping, customers are increasingly spending time outside. You can prevent a loss of sales by a customer loyalty campaign. Your target group will be surprised not to receive a usual Christmas card, but to be presented with a personal greeting card in summer without any obvious reason. By acting anticyclically you can stand out from your competitors and in the following you can easily attract the attention of your customers.

At the same time, your target group will feel significantly more addressed by a current subject, such as the beginning of summer, than by general newsletters that could be sent at any time.

In order to achieve even greater success, it makes sense not to send your newsletters purely digitally, but to take advantage of offline marketing. Thanks to the tangibleness for customers, offline marketing campaigns are much more present than online ads and cannot be easily clicked away.

Use action days for your media and public relations

In seasonally weak sales months, specifically planned action days are a suitable way to reach your target group through the press. For example, you could organize a join-in day for children in their summer vacations or provide a look behind the scenes of your company for graduates.

The media not only reach a larger and broader target group than you do, but are also usually much more credible than classic marketing campaigns.

Make sure that you allow sufficient lead time for a PR campaign. At best, contact the appropriate editorial office already a few months in advance.

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