7 Tips for new customer acquisition with postcard marketing

The acquisition of new customers is a constant challenge. You have to find creative ideas on how a company can stand out from the competition and on how to convince them of your product or service. It does not always have to be an extraordinary marketing gag or an overpriced advertising campaign to attract attention. It can also be very simple mechanisms, such as designing an individual postcard. Postcard marketing addresses customers directly and convinces them of your company. We have compiled the 7 best tips and tricks for acquiring new customers through a personalized postcard for you below:

1. Postcards enable you to address customers directly
Designing and sending a postcard allows you to address customers personally. You can contact each customer individually by mentioning their names directly and so they feel addressed immediately.

2. Save time and costs through postcard marketing
Postcard marketing campaigns are significantly more time and cost efficient than sending individual postcards. Thanks to bundled dispatch and the simple and efficient design of postcard marketing campaigns within minutes, no more time is lost and you can safe costs.

3. Sending a personal video message
Another tip for designing an individual postcard to attract new customers is to send a personal video message in your postcard. Your potential customer can retrieve your message via a QR code and view your message endlessly. This guarantees you to stand out from the competition.

4. Highest conversion rates through postcard marketing
With a 100% opening rate, postcard marketing is significantly more effective than promotional letters with only 70% and e-mails with <25% open rates. Postcards as a marketing instrument can therefore generate a significantly higher number of new customers.

5. Authentic message through company photos
In addition, sending your own company photos as a postcard, for example, ensures an authentic message with which the recipient can identify easily.

6. Feeling of joy through receiving a personalized postcard
By receiving a personal postcard, everyone associates happy memories of holidays and vacations. Receiving personalized postcards feels similar to receiving a gift, which is why opening the mailbox is rated much more positively than opening the e-mail box.

7. Postcards can be perfectly timed  
You can create and send your postcards online via the Postando B2B portal. The B2B portal enables a pre-defined dispatch date. In times of digital flooding, it is important to stand out and be noticed, which is easily achieved by sending a personal postcard online, especially when acquiring new customers. You can time your Christmas or birthday cards perfectly and anticipate the flood of advertising messages.

Designing your individual postcards: Easily via the Postando B2B portal!

The direct and individual approach to new customers can be implemented with little time expenditure and precisely planned in advance. Thanks to the GDPR-compliant variant of segmented address data throughout Europe, the acquisition of new customers can be implemented even more efficiently. The B2B portal can be operated in only four simple steps.

1. First you select the format, motif or a graphic and upload it

2. Then write a message to your customers and upload a list of recipients. In doing so, your customers can be addressed personally and directly.

3. Your company logo and a signature are added in the following step.

4. Now all you have to do is select a date for the dispatch and Postando will take care of the dispatch.

This is how easily and effectively you can design your postcard marketing campaigns and successfully acquire new customers. Click here for more information.

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