7 Tips for New Customer Acquisition with Postcard Marketing

Attracting new customers is a constant challenge. Creative ideas must be found on how a company stands out and convinces itself from the general public. But it doesn’t always have to be an extraordinary marketing gag or an overpriced advertising campaign to generate attention. It can also be very simple mechanisms, such as designing an individual postcard. Postcard marketing appeals directly to customers and convinces them of their business. The 7 best tips and tricks for attracting new customers through a personalized postcard, we have compiled for you below:

1. Postcards enable direct contact with customers
The design and sending of a postcard enables the personal approach of customers. In this way, each customer can be contacted individually by mentioning him directly by name and thus feeling immediately addressed.

2. Save time and costs through postcard marketing
Postcard marketing campaigns are much more time-consuming and cost-effective than sending individual postcards. The bundled shipping and the minute-by-minute, simple and efficient design of postcard marketing campaigns means that no more time is wasted and costs are saved.

3. Sending a personal video message
Another tip for designing an individual postcard for the acquisition of new customers is to send a personal video message in your postcard. It can be retrieved via a QR code, your message can be viewed and generated infinitely. This is guaranteed to stand out among competitors.

4. Highest conversion rates through postcard marketing
With a 100% opening rate, postcard marketing is significantly more effective than advertising letters with only 70% and emails at < 25%. As a result, postcards generate a significantly higher number of new customers as a marketing tool.

5. Authentic message through company photos
In addition, for example, sending your own company photos as a postcard provides an authentic message with which the recipient can identify himself all the more easily.

6. Feeling joyful by receiving a personalized postcard
By receiving a personal postcard, everyone has happy memories of holidays and holidays. Receiving individual postcards feels similar to receiving a gift, so opening the mailbox is much more positive than that of the email inbox.

7. Postcards can be timed perfectly
The postcards are created and sent online via the Postando B2B portal, which allows a pre-determined shipping date. In times of digital flooding, it is important to stand out and stand out, which is simply achieved by sending a personal postcard online, especially when acquiring new customers. For example, Christmas or birthday cards can be individually timed and pre-empt the flood of advertising messages.

The design of your individual postcards easily via the Postando B2B portal

The direct and individual approach to new customers can be implemented with a small amount of time and precisely planned on schedule. Thanks to the GDPR-compliant variant of segmented address data throughout Europe, the acquisition of new customers can be implemented even more efficiently. The B2B portal can be operated in just four steps.

1. First, select and upload the format, subject, or graphic.
2. After that, a message is written to your customers and a list of recipients is uploaded. Your customers can be addressed personally and directly.
3. Your company log and a signature will be inserted in the following step.
4. Now you only have to select a date for shipping and then Postando takes over the shipping.

This is how easily and effectively you can design your postcard marketing campaigns and successfully realize the acquisition of new customers. More information about our postcard marketing offers can be found here.

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