Bei dem Thema Glückwünsche denken die Meisten an erster Stelle an Geburtstage. Doch genauso sind Jubiläen oder andere Festtage eine perfekte Gelegenheit, um nahe-stehende Menschen mit einer individuellen Glückwunschkarte Aufmerksamkeit zu schenken. In unserer schnelllebigen Zeit sind schnell getippte Worte in einer E-Mail oder ein flüchtiger Anruf zu der klassischen Art und Weise geworden, wie man Glückwün-sche überbringt. Versuch doch einfach mal anders zu sein und kreiere mit Deiner selbst-gestalteten Glückwunschkarte ehrliche Emotionen.

Wo auch immer Du Dich gerade befindest und egal zu welchem Anlass Du deinen Freunden Glück wünschen möchtest - du benötigst nur dein Handy und schon kannst du deine individuelle Postando Glückwunschkarte erstellen und online versenden. Da-mit deine Glückwunschkarte sich jetzt noch besser von anderen Glückwünschen abhebt, hast du die Möglichkeit, sogar ein echtes Video anzuhängen. Das macht deine selbstge-staltete Glückwunschkarte definitiv zu einem Unikat.
Egal ob es Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag an das andere Ende der Welt sind, oder nur eine kleine Aufmerksamkeit für Freunde in Deinem unmittelbaren Umfeld: den Versand übernehmen wir für Dich!
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Unser Versprechen an Dich

Individuelle Karten
With Postando you can customize your personal Congratulation card with your own photos. No need for standard postcards anymore.
Einfach & zeitsparend
Create your own Congratulation card in just a few steps: Select your picture, write a message, add a recipient & send.
Weltweiter Versand
Whether to Germany, Thailand or the US – we deliver your Congratulation card worldwide for only 2,49€ per card.
Integrierte Videofunktion
Share your breathtaking moments also in moving images, by simply adding a video to your Congratulation card with the use of a QR code.
Keine Registrierung
Bei uns brauchst Du dir keinen extra Account erstellen. Einfach die App runterladen und Postkarten versenden - ohne Anmeldung!
Zusammen mit myclimate setzen wir uns für den Schutz unserer Umwelt ein. Jede Postando wird klimaneutral gedruckt und versendet.
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The congratulatory card – a small gesture that does great things

When can I send congratulatory cards?

There are an incredible number of occasions when you can send congratulatory cards! Not only does a newly married couple enjoy a little attention, but also a passed bachelor’s degree deserves positive words.

Birthday Happy Cards

Sending a wall entry for your birthday on Facebook or sending congratulations via WhatsApp is no longer up-to-date. On such a special day at the latest, it is time to finally show your loved ones how important they are to you. Create an individual congratulatory card with a photo of you both, which evokes common memories and maybe even gets a place on the living room wall. Of course, it is also possible to select one of the pre-made birthday congratulation cards and supplement them with personal congratulations.

Do you need more tips and ideas to conjure up an individual unique piece from your birthday congratulations card? Then don’t hesitate any longer and let yourself be inspired under the heading Birthday Card. To make the recipient feel like you’re with him despite your distance, you can also attach a personal video to your personal congratulatory card. Who is not happy about a self-sung birthday present of his friends or family?

Birthday happy cards with sparklers

Congratulations cards for the wedding

Get out of the countless congratulatory cards the couple gets on their most important day! Send them an online congratulatory card and congratulate them on their big day. Maybe you have a funny snapshot of your baby boy’s farewell, or you’ll find an old photo of yourself with the newly married couple. A congratulatory card for the wedding can also be a thank you card, in which you thank you for the great party and the moments experienced together. Is the dream wedding taking place at the other end of the world and you can’t participate? This is no problem, because Postando sends your congratulations card worldwide for only 1.99€.

Congratulations cards for successes

Send your loved ones an individual congratulatory card and congratulate them on professional successes, such as a completed school or university degree, or on a long-awaited job promise. But especially at times when you don’t see your friends because they retreat behind their stacks of books, you should think of them. Encourage them to persevere and show them that you think of them with your thumbs crossed.

Congratulations cards with thumbs up

How do I create individual and special greeting cards?

There are many opportunities to celebrate. But how do you best congratulate the people who are close to you and celebrate an important day? You don’t need a great gift to express your concern. A personally designed congratulatory card, which is combined with an individual photo and apt words, usually touches the recipient more profoundly and long-lasting.

In order to meet the taste of the recipient with your congratulatory card, you must use your knowledge of the recipient. Take a moment and think about the motifs, colors or photos the recipient likes. For example, does he have a favorite poet? Then add his words to your personal congratulations by quoting a suitable quote. Sending photos in particular is very popular, as they are very personal and radiate what cannot be put into words.

To make your congratulations card unique, we provide you with numerous options. Choose between a variety of design templates and add text, photos, and videos. You can not only customize the front and back depending on the taste and occasion, but you can also choose between different formats. You can’t choose between all your great pictures? Then just send a Maxi postcard and design your personal photo collage on the front.

Since the handwriting is of great importance especially in our advanced digitized age, you can complete your personal congratulatory card with a handwritten signature. Despite the various functions, you can easily find your way around our system and can even send your individual congratulation card easily via the Postando Postcards app.

What else are you waiting for? Make a little friend to a loved one today!

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