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Wherever you are, you just need your smartphone to design your personal postcard in a few moments and we will dispatch it for you worldwide. As a holiday greeting, for a birthday, for Christmas, as an invitation card or for any other occasion – with the Postando postcard app, you share your special moments with your loved ones as postcard or greeting card at any time!
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A very personal gift for the feast of love: Self-designed Valentine’s Day Cards

The tradition of showing love to a person on 14th of February is very old. People celebrate the feast of love all over the world and give away roses or chocolate. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to bring joy to your favorite people through Valentine’s Day greetings, since in our everyday life we sometimes forget about such little things. Therefore, we have a great idea for a personal gift for Valentine’s Day – a self-made Valentine’s Day Card.

What do I give for Valentines Day?

In addition to the classic Valentine’s Day gifts such as flowers, chocolate or jewellery, there are many individual ideas for Valentine’s Day and how to make your loved ones happy:

  • For example, you can design your personal Valentine’s Day Card as a voucher for activities with your loved ones, because giving time is the most precious gift.
  • Furthermore you can collect photos of the most beautiful moments with your loved ones. You can show them also on your individual Valentine’s Day card which special moments you have already experienced together.
  • Moreover you can also use your self-created Valentine’s Day postcard to send loving words, because there is often no time for this in the stress of your everyday life.
  • A personal video message is also perfect as a Valentine’s Day greeting – if you live far away from your loved ones, the joy of a direct Valentine’s Day message is guaranteed.

Create your own Valentine’s Day message

The Design of your Valentine’s Day greetings is up to you. There are many ways to create a special Valentine’s Day message which is different from the usual messages like “I love you” and “Be my Valentine”. Therefore we have collected some ideas how to bring a smile to the face of your loved ones with your personal Valentine’s Day Card.

Valentines Day Card mit Paar

Valentine's Day Card Stapel mit Pärchen

10 Ideas for your personal Valentine’s greetings

There are so many ways to create your Valentine’s Day Card. That’s why it’s best to send a few. Here are the Top 10 ideas for your Valentine’s Day wishes:

  1. Create a collage on your Valentine’s Day message with the 10 best moments with your loved ones.
  2. Also think of 10 reasons why your favourite Person belongs to you and write them down on your Card.
  3. Make a list of 10 places you want to visit with the recipient of your Valentine’s Day Card. Just think of places you wanted to visit since forever. You can also get some ideas for great destinations on our Blog.
  4. Moreover, send a voucher for a Wonderful experience together.
  5. Just say thank you with your Valentine’s Day greetings: “Thank you for being there!”
  6. Also use the card to say Sorry: Do something that is out of character and use your Valentine’s Day Card to get rid of an excuse: “Sorry that…!”.
  7. What adventures have brought you together or would you like to enjoy together? Your Valentine’s Day post invites you and the recipient to dream!
  8. Create an invitation to a home-cooked meal on your Valentine’s Day Card.
  9. Further, you can also give 10 compliments and describe all the things you like about your dearest person.
  10. Design your Valentine’s Day wish also as a puzzle out of pictures from you and the recipient and send a secret message.

Valentine’s Day Cards with your own pictures?

Absolutely! The more personal and authentic you create your Valentine’s Day greetings, the greater the joy of the recipient. For example photos of shared experiences can enrich your Valentine’s Day Card. Fun photos and a photographic timeline can also reach your loved ones directly.

Motifs for Valentine’s Day greetings

  • At first: Use the funniest moments of you and your recipient as your Valentine’s Day message cover.
  • You can also use a photo to remember your most romantic moment. Show it to your loved one(s) as a motif on your Valentine’s Day card.
  • Moreover you can also highlight the best moment of your friendship or partnership as the title of your Valentine’s Day message.
  • Look back on your love and friendship with a visual journey through time. For example, from the first meeting, to your first holidays together until now.
Valentines Day Card mit Paar

Hand hält Valentines Day Card mit Paar

To whom should I write Valentine’s Day Cards to?

The times when you only send your Valentine’s Day Cards to your partner are over! Your friends, parents, neighbours and especially singles will also be happy about your Valentine’s Day greetings. The more personal your Valentine’s Day message is, the more the recipient feels addressed and is happy.

The content of my Valentine’s Day postcard

Depending on the message you want to send, the content of your Valentine’s Day Card should be a little bit different.

  • On the one hand, you can send a romantic Valentine’s Day message to your partner: “When we met…”.
  • On the other hand, you can write a funny Valentine’s Day greeting. For example write: “Do you remember when we…?” – don’t be afraid to go for a laugh!
  • You can use Valentine’s Day to simply say: “Thank you for your help in the neighborhood” or “Thank you for always having an advice for me”.

Sending your Valentine’s Day greetings

Send your Valentine’s Day greetings very easily. In just 4 steps you can send your Valentine’s Day message from home with our Postando Postcards app. At first take a Picture. Secondly write a message on your card. Afterwards all you have to do, is to write the address on your Valentine’s Day Card and that’s it. Now we’ll take care of the delivery. At last the recipient has just to read your lovely Valentines message.

Why send Valentine’s Day Cards

  • At First: With your own Valentine’s Day greetings, you can show your loved ones how much you love and admire them.
  • In addition, a homemade Valentine’s Day Card is also a sign of great love and more individual than ready-made gifts.
  • Also, your loved ones who live far away will be very happy to receive your personal Valentine’s Day mail.
  • In short: Your Valentines Day message ensures with minimal action maximum joy.

Why send greetings with Postando?

  • Firstly, you can download your Valentine’s Day greetings for free.
  • Second, you can easily design your Valentine’s Day Card online.
  • In addition, your Valentine’s Day mail is individual and personal.
  • Moreover you can also send your Valentine’s Day message even more directly and personal via video.
  • Furthermore your self-designed Valentine’s Day greetings are something different from chocolate and flowers.
  • You send a CO2 friendly Valentine’s Day Card. We do not use UV varnish and send with the climate neutral GOGREEN shipping of the German Post. We also use CO2 friendly paper.

You can download Valentine’s Day greetings for free and design them yourself online. Start right now and download our Postando Postcard App!

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