DANKE. Ein kurzes Wort, das so viel bedeutet und doch so oft nur beiläufig gesagt wird. Ein Wort, das in weniger als einer Sekunde ausgesprochen ist und trotzdem oft einen großen Unterschied bewirkt. Es zaubert uns ein Lachen auf das Gesicht und hinterlässt ein positives Gefühl. Also nimm Dir einen Moment Zeit, um Deine Liebsten wertzuschätzen und Dich mit Deiner selbstgestalteten Dankeskarte bei ihnen zu bedanken.

Sag den Menschen, auf die Du Dich immer verlassen kannst und die Dein Leben positiv bereichern, bewusst und aus voller Überzeugung „Danke“. Die Postando Postkarten App hilft dir dabei, ganz unkompliziert und schnell Deine persönliche online Dankeskarte zu kreieren. Und dazu brauchst Du nichts Weitere als Dein Smartphone!

Sei es für die Unterstützung bei einer besonderen Veranstaltung für die Du Dich bei Deinen Gästen und Helfenden revanchieren möchtest oder für Deine Kollegen, die Dich tagtäglich motivieren - eine selbstgestaltete Dankeskarte ist eine kreative und persönliche Möglichkeit Deine Wertschätzung zukommen zu lassen.
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Unser Versprechen an Dich

Individuelle Karten
With Postando you can customize your personal Thank-you card with your own photos. No need for standard postcards anymore.
Einfach & zeitsparend
Create your own Thank-you card in just a few steps: Select your picture, write a message, add a recipient & send.
Weltweiter Versand
Whether to Germany, Thailand or the US – we deliver your Thank-you card worldwide for only 2,49€ per card.
Integrierte Videofunktion
Share your breathtaking moments also in moving images, by simply adding a video to your Thank-you card with the use of a QR code.
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Bei uns brauchst Du dir keinen extra Account erstellen. Einfach die App runterladen und Postkarten versenden - ohne Anmeldung!
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Just say thank you with your self-design thank you cards

On what occasions can I thank you?

Birthday cards

The birthday cake has been eaten, the confetti has been swept away and the garlands are stored in the cellar. Let your most important day pass again in your thoughts and remind you consciously of it even with your guests! Create a small collage of funny snapshots and send them to your guests as an individual thank you card. Thank you for your help, with which you could master the party preparation relaxed. With online thank you cards you can also just thank you for your presence, which made the day so unique for you.

Thank you cards for the birth

It’s time, your long-awaited baby is finally here! As a mother you now have your hands full, which is why we want postando to take a little work away from you. Design your individual thank you cards for the birth online and let us take over the shipping for you. Thank you to all your loved ones who organized your baby party, showered your offspring with great gifts and stood behind you in your high and low phases during pregnancy. Send a photo of your new little family with the online thank you card and write the text maybe even from the baby’s point of view. Doesn’t your family live in your immediate vicinity? Even then, you can let them participate at any time in the most beautiful moments with your baby. Send them regularly individually designed postcards.

Thank you cards for the wedding

At the latest, when you scroll through your honeymoon photos with longing, it’s time to thank all your supporters and guests of your wedding. Without her, the bachelor party would never have happened, you would have been persuaded by the saleswoman to wear a fake wedding dress and your wedding would not have been the most unique day of your life. Send an online thank you card with individual photos of your big day and maybe even attach a video file with your personal thanks.

Thank you cards for colleagues

You can always rely on them, they take you off work when you can’t get any further and always greet you in the morning with positive words and a café in the office? In stressful everyday life, one quickly begins to take such things for granted. Surprise your colleagues and employees with an individually designed thank you card and show them that you appreciate their help and that they can always rely on you.

Why your family deserves a thank you card

Thanks to your parents, you have become the person you are now. They were always there for you, supported you in difficult phases, encouraged you to get up and move on and always help you with problems? Your siblings have taught you to share and argue and your grandma still entertains you today with their amusing stories of yesteryear? Then take the time and thank them for this with your personally designed thank you card. Get an old family photo out of your last holiday together or send a recent photo of you. Tell them what you value most about them and in which points they are even your role models. At Postando, we not only allow you to add your individual thank you card with your own words, but also to attach a video. Your loved ones can easily access this via a QR code.

Thank you cards with Thank You lettering made of neon tubes

10 ideas how to thank a good friend with your individual thank you cards

It does not necessarily take a big event to surprise its most important person with a little attention. Just say thank you and express your appreciation and attachment to your friends. Let your creativity run wild or be inspired by our ideas.

  • Create your personal thank you cards with a voucher and invite your friend to your home for a home-cooked dinner
  • List three moments in your individual thank you cards in which your friend has made you laugh the most.
  • Design the front of your thank you card with a nice quote.
  • Write him a personal and profound poem about friendship.
  • Create personal thank you cards with a To Do list that includes activities you want to do together.
  • If you share the same sense of humour, write a witty or ironic thank you card. Complement them with an unfavorable but funny photo of both of you.
  • Write an anecdote about a shared experience that means a lot to you.
  • List ten reasons and beloved quirks that make your friend so unique to you
  • Send an online thank you card in maxi format: because there is enough space for your individual photo collage.
  • For advanced users: Create your individual thank you card with different colors and motifs and divide it into two parts with a horizontal line. Once your friend has received the thank you card, he can cut it along the line and use it as a bookmark. Maybe he’ll even give you the other half.
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