It is human error to make. They are even essential for our lives to learn from them. The most important thing, however, is to swallow his pride afterwards and admit it. Especially when wrong decisions not only affect yourself, but you have hurt or upset others.
Create your personal apology cards via the Postando Postcards app and creatively apologize to your loved ones.

Apologies are often not easy, so we support you in this! Resolve conflicts as soon as possible by sincerely apologising with your online debt relief card. This makes it easier for you to walk through life and avoid bad feelings.
Combine your personal photo with honest and serious words. The recipient of your custom apology card can't help but forgive you. Thanks to our maxi format, you now have enough space to write everything you want to get rid of from your soul!
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How to apologize correctly

You’re at the point where you want to apologize to your counterpart? Then you have already taken the most difficult step, where most fail: you have seen your mistake. Now all you have to do is say the right words. Be inspired by our suggestions and tips and create your personal apology cards.

When should I apologize?

There are countless situations in which one unintentionally disappoints one’s loved ones. Fortunately, most mistakes are not bad. Nevertheless, an apology is appropriate. You forgot the birthday of your grandma, who has been waiting for you all day alone with homemade apple pie? Did you borrow your roommate’s favorite sweater without asking and when washing it completely shrunk? Or maybe you even made a bigger mistake and started an unnecessary argument with your loved one?

Remember: the sooner you apologize, the better. Don’t be afraid to make yourself vulnerable to the other if you admit your mistake. Jump over your shadow as soon as possible. Because long waiting can increase the conflict and cause those affected to be even more angry with you. Do not handle out of the affect, however. Take enough time to think about your words. This increases the likelihood that your apology will be accepted.

How can I ask for forgiveness?

Of course, it is always best to apologize personally. But sometimes you just don’t have the courage to do it. There are also advantages to speaking out at a distance from the conflict. So you don’t surprise the other with your message and give him enough space to think about it and let your words work. Sometimes you even make such a big mistake, so the other one gets out of the way. Even then, it is impossible to apologize in person. The best way to admit his mistake is then to self-designed apology cards. Through them you can express your concern and show how much you have suffered through your mistake.

Furthermore, you should express your self-knowledge in your online apology cards. Try to find a plausible reason that explains your actions. If you can’t do that, you should admit it honestly. Your individual apology card also gives you the space to name everything you are grateful for in your interpersonal relationship. Write to your friend why you don’t want the contact between you to break. Be reflective and avoid accusations in any case. When writing your personal apology cards, it is better to be selfless and always refer to your own behavior. The final step is also the most essential part of a sincere apology. Promise the recipient of your apology card that it will never happen again. Don’t just say this, but change your behavior. It is important to learn from his misconduct. You can also thank you for showing you your mistake.

Apology card with a child

Apology cards with a sign on the front

How do I write personal apology cards?

You can do much more than just express your regret that you can’t undo your actions. Here are some suggestions for your online apology cards.

  • Attach a video file to your personal apology card. With personal speaking words you can convey your emotions much better and show how serious the conflict is to you
  • Write five reasons why you are grateful for the friendship, on the back of your personal apology card
  • Deeds are more than words: make a concrete promise of how you want to make up for your mistake. For example, you can surprise the other by inviting you to a home-cooked three-course meal
  • Create a photo collage with shared moments on a maxi card. The positive memories of your time together will surely make the recipient of your congratulatory card forget your mistake.
  • Design the front of your personal apology card with the recipient’s favorite animal. Write personal and warm words about it in a speech bubble. Now this one certainly can’t be angry with you anymore!
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