Dein Geburtstag steht schon wieder an. Neben Fragen wie „Wen lade ich ein?“ und „Was ziehe ich an?“ ist es genauso wichtig sich zu Fragen: „Wie lade ich ein?“. Ein besonderes Event hat auch eine besondere Form der Einladung verdient!

Die meisten gekauften Einladungskarten ähneln sich stark und werden nach dem Schenken schnell vergessen und entsorgt. Gestalte deshalb Deine individuellen Einladungskarten und das sogar ganz unkompliziert und online. Die Postando Postkarten App hilft Dir dabei Deine Gäste mit einer kreativen Einladungskarte zu überraschen. Mit Deiner selbstgestalteten Einladungskarte signalisierst Du eine persönliche Wertschätzung gegenüber Deinen Liebsten und kreierst gleichzeitig noch lange Zeit später eine einmalige Erinnerung an das vergangene Ereignis.

Egal ob Deine selbstgestaltete Einladungskarte für Deine Hochzeit, zur Einweihungsparty oder zu einer Gartenparty einladen soll, die Postando Postkarten App setzt Deiner Kreativität keine Grenzen. Lass Deiner Fantasie freien Lauf und verschicke noch heute Deine persönlichen Einladungskarten, um Deinen großen Tag mit Deinen Liebsten gemeinsam zu zelebrieren.
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Individuelle Karten
With Postando you can customize your personal Invitation card with your own photos. No need for standard postcards anymore.
Einfach & zeitsparend
Create your own Invitation card in just a few steps: Select your picture, write a message, add a recipient & send.
Weltweiter Versand
Whether to Germany, Thailand or the US – we deliver your Invitation card worldwide for only 2,49€ per card.
Integrierte Videofunktion
Share your breathtaking moments also in moving images, by simply adding a video to your Invitation card with the use of a QR code.
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Bei uns brauchst Du dir keinen extra Account erstellen. Einfach die App runterladen und Postkarten versenden - ohne Anmeldung!
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The creative invitation card – tune your loved ones to your big day!

For which occasions can I send invitation cards?

Isn’t there always any reason to celebrate? Here you will find some occasions that create an even greater anticipation among your guests thanks to self-designed invitation cards.


There is probably no more important and bigger day in life than his own wedding. Create your individual invitation card with a personal photo of you and your partner, which you took in a special moment. So that you can really have all your loved ones at your party, we send your online invitation cards for the wedding abroad for only 1.99€.


Another year gone! Instead of worrying about getting older, you should enjoy the day to the fullest and celebrate. Send a creative invitation card for this important occasion. Attach a video file to make your invitation even more personal.


Why don’t you just ask your friends for help with a funny written invitation card? Those who have worked diligently to help with cartons and furniture towing can soon look forward to another self-designed invitation card to the inauguration party.

Cooking evening

What could be better than cooking with your closest friends and then sitting at the dinner table for hours and forgetting the time? Send an individual invitation card to a cooking evening. Maybe even with a special motto, like French or Japanese cuisine? Then your guests know with which wine or dessert they can best surprise you.

Garden party

Summer is just around the corner and the barbecue is waiting to be inaugurated. Send your loved ones an online invitation card to your garden party. The most diverse design options make it easy for you to make your personal invitation card colourful and summery in no time.

Baby Party

The birth of your child is imminent! Send your self-designed invitation card to all your girlfriends for the baby party and tune them in to the big event. If you know which gender your child will have, you can match the design of the invitation card to the baby party super.

Invitation card with a wedding couple as a minimalist caricature

Invitation card with cakes and sparklers

What do I write on my invitation cards?

Keep in mind that your self-designed invitation card should reflect the occasion, as well as the mood and motto of your event. In order not to lose sight of this goal and to find out its own ideas, it helps to ask oneself concrete questions. In order to share the most important information with your guests, it makes sense to integrate basic points such as the occasion of the celebration, the date as well as the time and place, clearly into your self-designed invitation card. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and to make sure that you are not congratulated too early, or that your friends do not cross at your former address.

When writing your personal invitation card, you can also anticipate further questions and provide helpful information to your guests. Can a +1 be brought? Do you want a specific dress code? Do you offer food to your guests or do you expect them to bring something? The better your guests can prepare for your big day, the more likely you are to meet your expectations and your celebration will succeed. To add an even more personal touch to your online invitation card, you can add your own handwritten signature to it via the Postando Postcards app.

How can I design an invitation card myself?

It’s not just getting a card that gives you pleasure. But also sending. The best thing about designing your individual invitation cards is that there are no rules and limits! Just be yourself and design the front of your self-designed invitation card according to your personal taste.

But where do I start? Choose a format first and then just try out what you like. If you like to take pictures, simply upload an individual image and give your invitation card a very personal touch. Make good use of the photo and a sufficient brightness. In the next step, you can expand the front of your invitation card with a matching typography. Postando allows you to choose between different fonts and colors, making your self-designed invitation card unique. Why not make your guests laugh with a funny self-designed invitation card and get them attuning to an amusing evening? Choose a funny caricature or cartoon or try to paint a picture that reflects the motto of the event.

Designing online invitation cards is easy and definitely worth it. Try the Postando Postcards app and let yourself be convinced! By taking over the pressure and shipping, you have enough time to focus on the essentials of your party preparation.

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