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Who we are

We send your favorite moments as a real postcard or Ravensburger photo puzzle.

Your advantages

Why you should participate

1. FREE Christmas card for your followers
Give your followers a FREE Christmas card worth 1.99€. With your 100% promo code, your followers can design their own personal Christmas card via our Postando app and send it to their loved ones.

2. Your chances of winning
Additionally, you and your followers have the chance to win the trip to the Maledives. P.S.: Your chances of winning are quite high, because you will be several times in the lottery without doing anything - why? With every redeemed 100% promo code, your chances of winning increase. Tell your Instagram followers about it.

Current campaign

Christmas greetings x Maledives raffle

Send your Christmas cards with Postando: this year, your followers can send their personal Christmas greetings with Postando. Thanks to your promo code 100% FREE.

Raffle period: December

Main price: The raffle's main price will be a trip to the Maledives for 2 persons. Win one week premium all-inclusive in your private water mansion & transfer via water plane to our hotel, the Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, as well as flights with Turkish Airlines.

Additional rewards: Additionally, we have many more rewards for all raffle participants

Travelling and Corona: Due to the recent travel restictions, the voucher is valid until end of October 2022 (except for specific black-out periods, which can be found in the general terms and conditions of our raffle Terms & conditions.

What you need to do?

send free Christmas card and win trip to Maledives

Tell your Instagram followers, that they can send their own personal and 100% free Christmas card with their own photos on it. At the same time, they can win a trip to the Maledives with every Christmas card sent. You can find detailed information in the section terms of cooperation below.

Terms of cooperation

Everything at one glance

Of course, you can design your stories as you like but we have a couple of general framework conditions:

  • 3-5 stories + you're welcome to post any reminders
    • For example, a poll to see who of your followers has already written Christmas cards would be an idea
    • Tell your followers that they can send their own photos as real Christmas card straight into their desired mailbox
    • Your 100% promo code enables your followers a free Christmas card worth 1.99€ and with every redeemed Christmas card, your followers automatically take part in our raffle.
    • The swipe-up link: www.postando.de/appstore Directs your followers to our App download
    • We promised our cooperation partners Turkish Airlines and the Maledives + the resort that they will be included in our actions. It would be nice if you could use one of the three partner story templates once
  • Please post between 07.12. to 15.12. , so that we can guarantee a worldwide delivery of every card until Christmas
  • Please enter your data further down on this page and tell us your desired promo code
To sum up:
  • Swipe-up link: www.postando.de/appstore
  • Tell your followers about our customizable Christmas cards
  • Communicate the promocode and refer to the Maledives raffle
  • Please use one of our partner story templates
  • linking our @Postando.de Instagram profile would be nice
  • Put stories in highlights (optional)
  • Posting period: 07.12. to 15.12.

We are looking forward to your personal stories