COOEE Cooperation

Would you like to tell family & friends about your COOEE experience and send a greeting from your vacation to the world or the ones at home?
Together with COOEE we enable you to send a FREE postcard*.
Share your most beautiful COOEE moments with your loved ones now.
Create your very own COOEE voucher code here:
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* valid for all new customers

How it works

1. Download the app

Download our free Postando Postcard App to your phone.

2. Copy voucher

Copy the voucher created above
Refer a friend Code

3. Paste voucher

Paste the code in the voucher field at the menu item "Preview".
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4. Send Postando

Send your first Postando FREE of charge and make your loved ones happy!
Refer a friend Postcard
We wish you a lot of fun with Postando and are always happy to receive your feedback.
And if you also want to give your friends a FREE postcard, then go here along!