Congratulations on schooling – texts and sayings

Equipped with a bulging school bag and the new colourful school bag on their backs, the little ones enter a new stage in their lives. Schooling is a very important event in the lives of children and their families. Of course, the excited first-graders want to share this highlight with their favorite people. For the invited guests and relatives, it is now time to celebrate the first day of school and to congratulate them from the heart. A fitting saying at the beginning of school not only underlines how important this day is, but also gives strength and can give courage to the little one. But what are the perfect wishes for the beginning of school? In our blog entry we have recorded some sayings and congratulations for the schooling.

Congratulations on the beginning of school

There are countless ways to give your freshly baked school child your congratulations on school. Children are happy about every little thing – whether chocolate, glitter pencils or a funny eraser. But how can you creatively combine these little things with a congratulations on the beginning of school? For example, you can create a small box for the ABC shooter by sticking a shoebox with colorful paper. You can fill them with the most important school utensils. On the lid you have enough space to leave your personal message for schooling. For example, you can write your personal congratulations for enrollment in the form of a poem. Here are some suggestions:

ABC and 1,2,3 –

School is starting once again, it’s time to see all my friends. To share my fun-filled memories the summer’s end. The first day there, I’m nervous, for everything is new.. my classmates and teachers, and all my classes, too! I hope to try my hardest To make good grades you see For my parents and all my teachers, I’ll make something out of me!

Books, Toys, Candy –

today begins the most beautiful time!


The school calls it is so far

the ranches have been ready for a long time.

You can’t wait now,

want to read, write, start reckoning.

Is you also queasy today,

do it with left, from us all the best!


“Seriousness of life” once called a school.

But in doing so, he completely misunderstood,

that you will have joy and laugh there

and learn more than 1000 great things.


The kindergarten is now behind you,

congratulations on your school start!

At school you learn the alphabet

and how to read, arithmetic and write.


At school you learn great things.

Reading over many pages,

Money to count for treats,

Numbers, painting and much more,

And as one writes: I like you very much.


Be still as a mouse,

watch out like a lynx,

be diligent as a bee,

Then you get smart like a fox.


Your schooling starts today,

for a long time you expected them.

With every new word,

he becomes more beautiful this strange place.

And at first you shy away from it,

you will soon realize

Knowledge is your key to happiness.


Quotes for the beginning of school

It is also nice to express his congratulations on the enrolment in the form of a quotation. With the Postando Postcards app you have many possibilities to design a self-designed congratulation card for training yourself. Choose a photo and add one of our quotes. Of course, you can choose the color and font individually. Be inspired by our examples:

  • If you know something, say you know it. And if you do not know something, admit that you do not know it: that is knowledge. (Confucius)
  • Knowledge is a treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere. (Chinese saying)
  • We learn not for school, but for life. Seneca.
  • You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help him to discover it within himself. (Galileo Galilei)
  • Education does not come from reading, but from thinking about what is read. (Carl Hilty)
  • In life, man learns to walk and speak first. Later, he learns to sit still and keep his mouth shut. (Marcel Pagnol)

The celebration of schooling

Glückwünsche zum Schulanfang  In order to support the little ones and to make the start of school as special as possible, you can also organize a small schooling party. The first day of school is the ideal event to bring the family and relatives together. Maybe your ABC shooter will find a new friend right on the first day of school, whom he would like to invite? Whether it’s a small picnic in nature or cake dinners and crafting together at your home – this special event will be remembered by the offspring for a long time. Send your self-designed invitation card easily via the Postando Postcards app. If you would like to swing the craft scissors yourself, you can also create a DIY postcard and send it personally. If you combine the first day of school with a small celebration for schooling, you can take a little nervousness away from the little one and create anticipation for his big day with him.

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